My Thoughts

1) Technology can be change, but management does not change .
Means only ideas change (28/2/2009)

2) Lion doesn't bark, it does not show that he couldn't roar.(2/3/2009)

3) Argument: you always loose something!!!
When you win the argument fight then you
win your ego, but you looses that man. (3/03/2009)

4) The best part of Life is
 "you can do anything in your DREAM"!!!  (

5) Beauty always come from inside 
    not outside. So believe in inner beauty. (5/03/2009)

6) Love those, who love you most!!! (6/3/2009)

7) Life is game of Tom & Jeery.

8)In dark face of life think that 
  you are sitting on a spring chair,
 spring is pushing day by day 
but the time will come 
 you will jump out with double energy. (9/3/2009)

9) History says "those have difficulties in earlier stages 
   Done great jobs which is remarkable. So if you are in difficult times be happy and if 
you are not in then change the History ". (17/03/2009)

10) if we want to make a good music band
then there is a need of gathering good artists.
when all artist will perform 
then only you can listen great music.
same in life we need all perfect 
qualities ,some day our life will be great.

11) Hard work is not a key of success 
       Love work is a key of success.
       if you love your work 
       success will follow you.   (1/10/2009)

       We would like to work what we love.
       So sometime we do work which we 
   do not like. (21/11/2009)

13) when you going for a test .
      and when you come back from test.
                  Both life are different. (15/12/09)

14) There are two types of people.
        one who takes job ,other who gives job.
        this is not my fault ,if i never fit in first category. 

15) if one does not know to ride a bicycle.
        Please don’t say you can’t drive 2 wheeler .
         may be  he born  for Mercedes benz.    (21/12/2009) 

 16)  what do you think is not my matter of thinking.

17) If attitude is more important than aptitude, than why all exams are based on 
aptitude?  (4/1/2010)

18) When you are ready to accept whatever comes to your way, you
        already have done your homework well.  (23/08/ 2011)

19) Life has two shades:
one for others and one for you. (6 /09/ 2011)

 20) If you are comparing yourself it mean you are disrespecting yourself .

       You are Unique make it Beautiful with different thoughts. ( 12 Oct 2012)

21) I would like to earn in a exchange of my ideas because i know it can change the game. (27 Dec 2012)